Marina's new arrival

Dear All,
As many of you will know, our dedicated Head Coach Marina and her partner welcomed a baby into the world last week. They are back home and doing well.
Many members have said they'd like to send their well wishes and asked if I would organise yet another collection - so my apologies but here I am again!
If you'd like to contribute to a big Brondesbury Welcome to Marina and Rach's new arrival, you can do so here:
We will aim to buy a small gift for them (ideas welcome!!) and give them the remaining funds so they can buy what they need.
We will do this in early January, so if you want to contribute please do so by 8th Jan when we might see Marina back on court.
And thank you SO much to everyone who has contributed to the other pots this year - both Angus and Eliot were so blown away by your generosity. We were able to fund Eliot's first year of club membership with plenty to spare, he was delighted!
Have a wonderful Christmas.