Squash News

Evening All,

As meetings go last Friday was a fairly relaxed affair. In order not to interrupt the table tennis and ale drinking it was kept as brief as possible. A short summary of what was talked about -

There are currently about 70 members, unfortunately we don't have any  juniors but this is something which we are working on. Thanks to Steve for all that he has done for the club and for passing on all his know-how.  He can still be found on the court or at the bar a few times a week.

A local school  will be using the courts during off peak hours (once a week from 21st for a period of four weeks). This will be a bit of extra revenue for the club and it is also hoped it will introduce junior members. 

The tennis coaches have also expressed an interest in using the squash courts in cases of extreme weather. Again this would be off-peak and they would have to vacate the courts should squash members wish to play. An agreement is going to be put in place to ensure the courts are properly looked after.

It has come apparent that the current booking system is not fit for purpose. A number of online booking systems available and I hope to make a decision shortly. I intend to have this implemented in the next month  and will send out further communication in due course.

The courts  are probably due for a bit of TLC. I intend to get  quotes and see if the money is their for at least one of the courts. Carl also said he would research what is required to upgrade a squash court and see if we could do all, or some of it, ourselves in order to keep cost to a minimum. Any work will not be done until the summer months when the courts are a bit quieter.

The owners of this website have contacted me to see if we would be interested in using their site. It can be used to create a ranking system within a club or inter-club. It has only recently launched so don't let that put you off. It is free for the first six months so I see no harm in giving it a try.


Lastly, and most importantly, there was a lively debate about the general cleanliness of the courts (see what you are missing out on not coming down on a Friday). The lack of brush/mop is a major contributing factor in this. I will look into buying one and it will be everyone's responsibility to give the courts a quick once over if they are looking dirty before/after your match.

There is probably more but I'll save that for another day. If you remind me I will at least know you have read to the bottom of this email If anyone has any ideas or questions surrounding the above then feel free to get in touch.


All the best,


Adam Lennox