Site access

Dear Members,

The security guards open the gates from 6am each day, but they leave the gates closed and the chain wrapped around them to put off potential instruders.  If you arrive for an early game you can open the gates without a key.

If you need help from Svetlana or I please use SMS / WhatsApp only if it's outside of 9am to 9pm.

The court repairs and cleaning have been completed and I hope you come along  and enjoy court A's pristine front wall.

Kind regards,


No gas at the club

Unfortunately there has been a gas leak on site and engineers have had to isolate the supply until it can be repaired on Monday. This will mean the court heaters will not work until then and there will be no hot water in the clubhouse. Sorry for the inconvenience.


New box leagues

Hi everyone.

It's time to reset the box leagues.  Please can you email me directly at [email protected] if you want to join or leave them? If you are currently in them and want to remain, then do nothing.

This time I will try to create WhatsApp groups for each league to aid organising games.  Please make sure you add your mobile to the Squash Levels account or email it to me to add for you.



Squash news

Dear members,

Court maintenance:

Earlier this year I mentioned an intention to replace the front wall on court A owing to dead-spots caused by a damp problem that has now been resolved.  We will also carry out maintenance on court B at the same time.  This will take place on the week beginning 17th April.  Court A will be taken out of action Monday 17th and be available to book on Sunday 23rd.  Court B will be unavailable from Tuesday 18th April and be back in service on Saturday 22nd.

Court damage:

A few weeks back a player must have had quite an injury on court A and bled heavily on the floor and walls. Accidents happen and I hope they are okay.  The wood flooring is open grove and blood stains are hard to get out.  You may have noticed the dark patches that have been left by the cleaning of the blood.  If you or your opponent start to drip blood it is very important to get off the court as quickly as possible and stop the bleeding before resuming (if you are fit to continue).  It seems the person wiped the blood on the opposite wall as well.  Cleaning this up is time consuming and expensive (and unpleasant for others).  Please look after each other, and the courts.

Best wishes


Squash News

Dear members,

I hope you had a good holiday season and wish you all a happy New Year.  For those who took a break from squash, welcome back.

A resolution for 2023: improve your squash:

The squash training group restarts this Tuesday with Martin Shippey taking a group of up to 8 people from 7:30 to 9pm.  We have two courts so the players can be split by ability.  Martin has simpified the payment system; it is just a flat £10 pay as you go system from now on.  That is great value for money as the court fees are already paid for, so come along and support it. You can book a place with Martin on 07710 433 543 or on the SportyHQ page


I will shortly re-start the box leagues, please can you email me directly on and tell me if you want to join, remain or leave. Well done to James on winning box 1 and the rest of the box for playing most of their games.  I encourgae people to get the most out of their membership by taking part, it is not serious and is just a vehicle to get you playing and meeting people around your level.


During this wet weather please can people take their outdoor shoes off as they enter the corrider and change into their court shoes? A lot of mud and leaves have been brought in recently, finding their way upstairs and onto the courts. Also, if you need to pop to the club house can you change out of your court shoes.

The Friday socials are on as usual so please come down and get to know other members.  Good look to the First and Second teams as they start the second half of the winter season.


Kind regards,

Mark Troman


Christmas Social Evening

Dear all,

This Friday's social will be a end of year / Christmas event.  Please come and play and stay after for some drinks and I'll order some pizzas to share.  If like me, you're injured, then just come for a drink.  Wear a Christmas jumper too.

Hope to see you there but if you can't make it, then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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